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Cheap Medical Aid Scheme

January 30, 2022 Below are open medical aid plans that cost less than R1,500 per month for principal members. These are the cheapest medical aids in South Africa. To see other price points, click here. Note that some of these plans are only available to people with a specific income (the less you earn, the less you pay). The NetworX option from CompCare has been specifically designed for students, to give them medical care for as low as R501 per month.

This option offers essential cover, and that cover is given within a contracted provider network for in-and-out of hospital services. This is perhaps the cheapest Medical Aid in South Africa. 2. List of cheapest medical aid plans across 5 categories: hospital plans, hospital plans with savings, day-to-day cover, GP networks plans, and comprehensive coverage. Hospital plans Plan Cost for...

Cheap Medical Aid Scheme - Discount Place

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